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Hans Kilian Award of Merit

for the research and advancement of metacultural humanisation

On behalf of the Köhler Foundation, we would like to announce that the Foundation’s Board of Trustees has decided to discontinue the awarding of the Hans Kilian Prize.

The five prizewinners over the past ten years were Hartmut Böhme (2011), Hans Joas (2013), Jessica Benjamin (2015), Jaan Valsiner (2017), and Ashis Nandy (2019).

The Hans Kilian and Lotte Köhler Center (KKC) regrets the board’s decision, which became necessary for economic reasons. However, we would like to thank the Köhler Foundation very much for the extraordinarily productive cooperation in this matter and for the trust placed in us. We are looking forward to our further cooperation in many other matters.

The work of the prize committee and the jury, the prize ceremony and the associated prizewinner’s colloquium were coordinated by the KKC. We are grateful that, through these activities, we were able to contribute not only to the reputation of the scientists honoured for their outstanding academic life achievements, but also to the reputation of the Ruhr-University Bochum, its Faculty of Social Sciences, and the Köhler Foundation.

The KKC will continue to support the promotion of excellent social and cultural scientists in the future and will find creative ways to develop new initiatives in this regard.

January 2020

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Straub and Dr. Pradeep Chakkarath
(Co-Directors of the KKC)


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